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Welcome to the Wayzata Community TV (WCTV) Video OnDemand homepage. WCTV is now a fully functional Video OnDemand location of past and present City Council Meetings, Planning Commission Meetings, Ask the Mayor Episodes, Historical Society Archives and other programs that we have played on Channel 8.

Did you see a bulletin on Channel 8 that you didn't have time to get all the information and want to see it again? Click here to see all the bulletins that are shown on WCTV.

On the top, there are 4 main places to go:

1. The Main page, which is where you are currently located.

2. The About page, where you can learn more about WCTV, our requirements for airing shows and anything else you may want to know about the station.

3. The Schedule, where you can see the list of upcoming shows scheduled as well as their airing times. Click here for a printable version of the general schedule for programming.

4. The Search function, which is also available in the left bar. This tab however allows you to search based on a variety of factors instead of just a keyword. If you want to search directly by keyword, you can type it into the left sidebar and any listings associated with that keyword will pop up underneath.

Any and all questions regarding programs, airings, etc. can be directed to the staff of WCTV by calling 952.404.5329 or emailing us at WCTV@wayzata.org.

Thank you and enjoy your shows!

WCTV Staff

Technical Help:

For Windows Users
Clicking on view under the name of the program you wish to watch will open a box asking you to selection Windows Media Player to watch the program.

For Mac Users
To view WMV videos you will need to download the Flip4Mac plugin from Microsoft which can be found here - Flip4Mac Plugin.

Currently, Safari is the only browser that will not work for viewing videos as Apple has an internal issue that causes OnDemand videos to not play even with the plugin. Any other browser such as FireFox and Chrome will play the programs.

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